When/how often does your team meet? (Poll)

Oh boy. Don’t even get started.
At our middle school 2 or 3 of the 9 teams are primarily made up of members that have no knowledge for Vex, play video games during the robotics period and never once have showed up to any robotics related meeting after school, and never go to tournaments. All but one member of one particular team did not even go to a weekday event. You’d think people of that type would love an opportunity to skip school!
It has gotten to the point where the outcasts of the good teams have joined these teams in exchange for dedicated team-carriers like @BobbyfromJamaica. It is hard to believe that constant video gamers are competing under the same hood as teams like mine and one or two (or mayyyyybe 3?) others, who are seriously contending against experienced high schoolers.


Im 8th, i know @BobbyfromJamaica is in 7th

My bad, I didn’t know this thread was actually called “Middle schoolers unite to make one epic team because they didn’t really like their original team/club”, I apologize for voting on the polls regarding how often I meet with my team as that was off-topic.


Nah this is the “middle schoolers make one epic team only to still get beat by people who are in 9th/10th grade but playing as a middle school team”

Don’t even get me started. I ‘played up’ in 7th and 8th grade, so my team was treated as a high school team. We didn’t do well in 7th, and 8th was, well, 2020, but it gave us a lot of valuable experience that’s really coming in handy now that we’re freshmen

I have the opposite of that. My organization is forcing me to play down for reasons that I don’t really want to have to keep explaining. This is my 5th year of middle school VRC and I could do it again next year (however I will finally be free and will compete hs next year)

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Mine is Gfuel addiction.

Have you considered guacamole gamer fart 9000 by therussianbadger?

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