When I inflatable gas tank, only about pressure inflated to 1.0

If the air pressure to 1.0, solenoid valve starts leaking

From our FAQ postings:

I’m having problems with air leaking out of my pneumatic system. What can you do to help me?

**Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to help debug your problem. The most likely cause of air leaks is a poor connection between a pneumatic component, and the pneumatic tube somewhere in the system.

When cutting pneumatic tube, ensure a straight cut, to get the best connection. Then ensure the tubing is inserted firmly, all the way into each pneumatic component. Also, you can use soapy water at each connection to try to find leaks. The leaking air can cause the soapy water to bubble.

When the pressure does not reach 1.0, and will not leak.
But by 1.0, Electromagnetic valve will leak (not the trachea and other pneumatic components connecting part)

The pneumatics are rated to 0.7 MPa. This is about 100 psi. What units of pressure are you using for “1.0”? Also, please post a picture of your system and identity the part you think is failing.

1.0Mpa,But the biggest pressure gas cylinders should not be 1.7Mpa,and I saw other teams can go to about 1.7

Parts may work past 100 psi but they are not guarantee to work over 100 psi. Over-pressuring parts may permanently damage the parts. You should never operate any parts above their rated specifications or damage and injury can occur.