When I program my robot to turn 90 degrees, it rotates a whole different angle measure

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was having the same problem as me. Whenever I try to program my robot to turn 90 degrees, it does not do so, and just turns a whole different degree measure. My team and I tested until we found the actual 90 degrees and found it was close to around 58 degrees. It gets pretty frustrating programming with this issue, and I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do to make it to actually turn 90 degrees when inputted 90 degrees.

Any type of help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using the VEXcode drivetrain class ? (blocks or text?)
Are you using a gyro or inertial sensor ?


We are using text drivetrain class, with no gyro or intertial sensor

It is hard to get accurate turns without a sensor.
Tune the chassis configuration. Gradually increase the track value until 90 degrees is give or take 90 degrees.
But without a gyro or inertial sensor, consistency will not be great as there are so many factors that affect each turn.

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wheelbase is not as obvious as it sounds, sometimes it is the distance between axles, sometimes not. It’s really a measurement related to the center of rotation (see V5 clawbot example below). So as Chris said, make sure the drivetrain parameters are nominally correct, then play with wheel base to get the turn more accurate. Better still, add an inertial sensor to the robot.