When is My Vision Sensor Coming?

I ordered a V5 vision sensor, along with 2 motor cartridges, from robotmesh.com on August 14. DRow announced they were shipping vision sensors out more than 6 weeks ago, but Mine has still not shipped. Does anyone know when vision sensors will ship from robotmesh? This is getting pretty frustrating, as they were “expected to ship in 6-8 weeks” when I ordered it, and it has been more than 14 weeks now.

RobotMesh is the only one who can have this answered. Email their sales department.

@Rick TYler

I emailed [email protected] 11 days ago and they have not responded.

Vision sensors have indeed been shipping from Robot Mesh. I’ll let Sam know to look at this when we get back on Monday and let you know where yours is in the queue.

It has been a month since I emailed robotmesh and 4 months since I ordered the parts. I still have not received my order or any response. I am getting concerned I might not have my vision sensor for states.

Without your name or order number, I cannot help you. Could you please send me an email at rick@robotmeshcom?