When is the V5 Gyro coming out

With the gyro recently being discontinued and no longer available on the vex wedsite when is the new gyro coming. Many teams only have One gyro and if it breaks or if a team currently wants to use a gyro and dosent have one are out of options unless they find a team with an extra one.


I don’t think there is an official release date, but if you need it, you can buy some from other teams with one. (i have one)

That shameless self promotion lol


A gyro would simplify a lot of issues with coding autonomous, sure. But, you could always resort to tracking wheels and do some simple math to find the robot’s angle. The IME’s could work as well but they won’t necessarily represent accurate robot position because of wheel slippage and mass imbalances (which could be negated but difficult nonetheless).


True, however I have one and don’t see myself using it…

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