When To Show Up for US Open

We have qualified for the CREATE US Open for the first time, and are wonder what is considered normal for arriving, as far as traveling and also showing up at the venue in the morning. Should we leave a day early? Two?

Where do you live? How close are you? Where is the hotel? (Is there a hotel?)

I haven’t been, but I’d jut use general traveling questions.

Congratulations on your invite! Its a hectic few days but its fun for the kids and a great experience to see other top robots and meet with new people.

We are from Michigan and just to control costs, we drive. Its an 11 hour drive for us so we leave Michigan on Wednesday, getting there roughly dinner time. Often we gather for dinner or the girls want to head to the pool together.

On Thursday, the girls had an event strategy session in one of the hotel rooms after breakfast before the venue opened. They made assignments for who was going to put together what, and made sure they had all the needed items printed out and ready to go. Afterwards we gathered the items for the booth and headed into the venue, got the booth set up and registration completed, and headed to practice. If you are lucky enough to get one of the rooms at the hotel on site, it makes it real convenient. We’ve even brought crockpots and made our own lunches for the days to control costs and have lunch in the hotel.

If you want to make a trip out of it, thats your choice. There are things to do in the area, especially with Nebraska just across the river. However this year the schools moved spring break ahead, so the kids have school on the week of travel so it will be shorter for us this year.

after the event ends on Saturday, the girls usually just end up saying their goodbyes, mess around in the pool at the hotel, and we all head back early Sunday morning. Again… early morning drive for 11 hours.

For us in east central Wisconsin, it is a little over an 8 hour drive. We leave rather early on Thursday to arrive around 3-3:30pm. That gives us a chance to check in at the event, set up our pits and relax before the start of competition on Friday. We stay over Saturday night, then drive back somewhat early Sunday morning.