When to use high strength axles

Our DR4B is currently using high strength axles. We want to redesign the DR4B for our World’s competition, however, it appears that the high strength axle collars do not fit within our design. If we use normal axles, there will be no problem, but we are afraid that the normal axles will twist under the stress. Our DR4B uses red inserts and has an external 1:7 gear ratio. The lift is designed to carry 4 cubes

How long is the axel that you are using?

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Do you have any pictures or diagrams of the planned redesign so we can understand how to help you possibly fit high strength axles or if you even need them.

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If you’re trying to transmit rotational force down a length more than 3 or 4 inches, then invest in a HS shaft.
If there are very high loads involved or the distance between the shaft supports is more than 3 inches, I would also invest in HS shafts.


Sorry about that, we actually figured out a way to fit it.
Thank you guys for answering so quickly!

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