When will skills rules be posted?

My kids is excited about the new game. But she asked about jow the skills competitions would work. I looked and did not see anything about driving nor programming skills games. When will the skills rules be posted (more interested in programming skills than driving ones)

So here are the questions:

  1. Will both colors be scored for you in skills? Or do you pick a color?

  2. Will all gates be up in skills? Do you start in a chosen zone and must stay there? Or do gates get raised by the team during the match like the normal game play?

  3. Will the outside elements be used in skills or just the preloaded ones?

  4. Will first element scored bonuses be used in skills? Or will it be within in a time period?

  5. Will the doubler cylinders be used? Will there be a time limit before placement? Can they be preloaded in skills? (why would you even place a negation one)

  6. Is there a time limit before the outside element items can be added to the field?

  7. Will number of preloads be doubled for skills like round up was?

Skills Challenge rules should be posted in the next few days. Thanks!

Robot Skills, and Programming Skills.