When will the divisions be released?

Place your bets folks!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well looks like option 1 isn’t happening

I voted for after Worlds. lol.

I am glad you added that option :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to announce that there will be no divisions this year at worlds. It was decided that one big divsion would be better!!!

Thanks for your interest everyone!!!


It looks like the consensus is later today. LOL

what the!!! ya thats quite a swing in voting!!!

I bet it is someone in charge of the forum that knows when the divisions will be let out.

Looks like an Admin got upset… HEY! NO RIGGING POLES!

Lol I got it right then haha. At least we know when it will be released now.

Later on Tuesday ***217,149 ***99.99%


At least you know you will get it today!

Hi Teams,

And the winner is “Later Tuesday”.

The Division lists are now posted. These can be found at VEX Robotics World Championship 2023 and on each World Championship event page under Important Documents. Thank you for your patience as we wanted to confirm two areas before posting the lists. We had multiple teams from a couple countries facing some last minute flight and travel issues. We did not want to post a division list that might have changed by 5 to 10 teams (and changed divisions) if it meant waiting a day could ensure it was 99.9% correct. Also, being in a new facility, we wanted to make sure we had the layout as designed confirmed during setup today. Just an extra precaution on our end, as we know teams will print many documents using the division info and we didn’t want to have to post a revised list after putting them up.

So thank you for your patience. We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow and Thursday at check in. The convention center is looking great and we’re looking forward to the best World Championship event yet.

Best regards,

Jason Morrella

  1. thank you! :slight_smile:
  2. anyone can make a spreadsheet that has each div lists separately?

Working on an engineering one.

I’d better watch out! Mediumdave and his stacker, and GER :eek:, are in my division, mathematics! Anyone got a list of all the teams in Math?

Hopefully the script pulled everything OK

2Z	Gladstone Secondary School
10N	Exothermic Robotics
12K	ACME Robotics
35	Cranbrook Schools
40D	Trinity High School
44	Green Egg Robotics Club
81A	Downingtown STEM Academy
136M	L.V. Berkner High School
169A	HaVerford School Robotics
231B	Pasadena ISD Robotics
241C	Pinkerton Academy
254A	Bellarmine College Prep
254H	Bellarmine College Prep
300	Homeschool
383V	Lowndes High School
404D	El Camino Real High School
508	Palm Bay HS
569C	Murrieta Valley High School
609G	Toppenish High School
675C	Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology
677	Montclair High School
687K	California Academy of Mathematics & Science
822B	Manchester High School
929Z	Hereford High School
986B	Grace Brethren JH/HS
1028	Brownell-*‐Talbot
1069B	Berthoud High School Robotics
1092A	Oak Park High School
1114M	GoVernor Simcoe Secondary School
1119	UniVersidad Panamericana Preparatoria
1193A	Jay County High School
1200A	St. Mary Central High School
1233A	Crown Point High School
1235C	West Forsyth High School
1241X	Rick Hansen Secondary School
1264B	Dunwoody High School
1267A	Delaware County Christian School
1320B	Tucker High School
1437X	Viewpoint School
1460D	Sandy High School
1497A	Utah State UniVersity/Design Academy
1575B	Woodbridge Senior High School
1622	Poway High School
1727D	Dulaney High School
1764Y	Yarmouth High School
1879B	Sultana High School
1917B	Seymour High School
1970B	Mount Michael High School
1973A	Mililani High School
2059	Mira Loma High School
2068H	Osbourn Park High School
2113	FirstFuelCells.com
2158M	ausTIN CANs
2205A	Vocacional Metropolitana Miguel Such
2218B	UniVersity Gardens H.S.
2292A	Col. Ponceno-*‐Rookie HS
2349B	Central High School
2438B	`Iolani School
2587Z	DiscoBots -*‐ Homeschool
2625B	Worcester Technical High School
2865A	Millbury Memorial Jr./Sr. High School
2915A	Lynfield College
2941A	Otumoetai College
3086C	Chadwick Robotics
3141V	Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School
3142	The Paideia School
3429	Cooper Robotics
3536Z	North Forsyth High School
3807M	Awty International School
3947B	Valley Charter High School
4099C	RiVerdale High School
4109	808 Robotics
4147A	Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK)
4184G	Mountain Crest High School
4194B	Taipei American School
4273B	Newton County Career and Technical Center
4495B	The Walker School
4679	Instituto Simón BolíVar Plantel Toluca
4774A	Woodrow Wilson High School
4839B	Hefei NO.1 High School
5080	Self Started Team
5143A	New Town High School
5222	[Blank]
5307B	Smart Cubo Inc.
5465A	Triforce Robotics
5492A	The American School in Japan
5521A	CECyTE Emiliano Zapata
5589A	HKTEA Robotics Education Partner School
5749A	Fowler HS SCSD
5980B	Fosston High School
6124C	Auburn High School
6950F	CECyTECH JItotol 3
7008B	Emilio Meyer High School 
7581H	Michigan State UniVersity
8000A	Head Royce School
8059B	Singapore Combined Schools
8063A	Singapore Combined Schools
9090C	The Mandarin Chinese School
9492A	Harry Ainlay High School

Ooh. The math division gets 1200A Syntax Error. I want to watch the math division now :smiley:

Thank you sir! and we definately have a much improved by since last time you saw it… this thing is awesome!

It kicks butt. Could you get on skype?

I am really hoping you win Worlds. You guys are great builders/designers. I look up to you!

Go win it :wink: