When will Vex Coding Studio be available for VEX IQ

When will VEX Coding Studio be Available for VEX IQ and Chromebook?

No one knows. The last promised update was supposed to be in October, and it never came. VCS has had absolutely 0 updates, even though it desperately needs some.
I would not hold your breath any time soon.
Consider using RMS which has IQ and Chromebook support.


Ditto this.

There’s been little to no communication about the status of VCS besides that they’ve encountered technical roadblocks with it, and that they released the VEXCode preview for VRC teams.

I wouldn’t expect to hear about any VEX IQ Solution for a while.

RMS currently is your best bet for Chromebook support.


So much was promised at Worlds this year. VCS iPad/Chromebook compatability, VCS for IQ, a NEW IQ STEMLabs curriculum. All are supposed to be active before August. VEX needs to keep educators in mind when making these proclamations. Educators need to get eyes on these materials BEFORE the start of school. For an educational platform, they need to consider educators more when making their decisions. They prioritize classroom bundles last in the shipping pecking order (They are already delaying those orders until Mid July when they were ordered in May, and I pray that when our budgets flip over on July 1 we can get our orders in before August), they will not have any of the above items ready for when before school staff training sessions will need to take place, and rumor is, that when VCS is fully functional, it will not have RVW included. Which hits school systems the hardest.