When will Vex release a new update for Iq

When will they realese an update for Iq. It has been few months sence they realese an update

Are you looking for upgrades to software or update on parts?

The current IQ software seems to be pretty solid, is there something that’s broken for you?


Opps, Now I just saw my title, I think something is wrong with VexIq blocks. I downloaded a driver controll on my robot and when ever I click the up button it goes up but when you leave the button it goes down. When I tryed with robot c it did not have the same problem

It sounds like you need holding mode on that motor. Depending on the mechanism, you may need rubber banding as 2well.


I do not get it, so there is a holding mode avavible on VexIq blocks

Screenshot_20200901-163144_IQ Blocks


Oh ok Thanks 20000000