When would you lift the gate? (Re-poll)

Here is the original thread:

Vote for what you would do now. Have your thoughts changed? How?

This weekend at nationals I won or tied most of my qualification matches because i had a fast isolation bot, scored eveything in iso, and had my partner dump matchloads to me. The center goal hardly mattered when we did this.

my opinion on this had definitely changed. earlier i had voted that i would open with about 45 sec left which was about the time that the interaction zone had been scored mostly, but after having been in the isolation zone for some matches i like opening it once something is scored in each goal and sometimes in auto even, depending on how well the auto goes.

It depends hugely on how fast your teammate is at scoring/feeding objects, but given a competent teammate, I would always raise the gate as late as possible. Or maybe as soon as all of my iso goals were full, which would probably be fairly late anyway considering the time it takes for the objects to be passed into iso.

At the start of the season my strategy was to raise the gate as early as possible after all of the iso objects were scored. For some reason I just didn’t see passing objects over the gate as a viable strategy. I think the idea that the whole field can be scored within a minute was the main reason why my strategy changed.

With standard robots, I still think that you should raise the gate in autonomous to have both teams working the contested goals at the same time. Once those are filled up, the isolation goals which are easy to protect can be filled at an easy pace. I’ve never seen anybody actually try this strategy out though, so I don’t know if it works.

The “dump everything into the isolation zone” strategy works now because iso bots can consistently score all the goal space in the iso zone by 30s left. The interaction goals are all scored just as fast as the iso goals, so then it becomes a game of who can get more objects into their partner’s zone faster. (Actually, I haven’t done the metagame for that, so I don’t know if that works either.) This strategy is only dependent on the iso bots being able to fill all the goals in 1:30 and the interaction bots to flood the iso zone. So, it could work if you aren’t sure you can outscore the other team in an open contest.

And then there’s us, where we open the gate whenever the iso team at the time is finished with all the objects in there.

Once you open your gate, all your goals become contested goals. That’s bad. The isolation goals aren’t all that easy to protect when your gate is open if your opponent realises how vital it is to take that goal space from you - which they should. In an efficiency match goal space is Gateway’s key resource.

Also, there’s usually not much to be gained from having your inter robot help with the 20" goals or from having the iso robot help with the central 30" goal.

Exactly, if you have two robots which are capable of scoring the whole field in less than 2 minutes, you might as well take a little extra time and make sure you have space to score them, and we have used the strategy… it works…

I agree fully. I would also like to say that I have developed a method for playing the game that if it works --and it would be hard to prevent it from working-- we can win even if our opponent doubles their stack and negates ours. Assuming we can prevent one of those things from happening, we could win no matter what. :smiley: (This is with four capable efficiency bots).

As a high-scoring team that plays primarily in the Interaction Zone, we usually have the gate opened once we’ve scored what we can in the Interaction Zone (usually this takes very little time). We take 3 objects and score them where our ally hasn’t yet, usually the iso 30" goal or the 20" goal.