When would you lift the gate?

i know there are several strategies out there about when to lift the gate i was wondering which one might be more common

It depends on your strategy.

It depends on more than just your strategy. I would say it may even depend on what the other alliance is up to.


wow you guys responded before the poll was up, you should vote

very true but i know i dont walk in to the competition with no plan at all or making a plan solely based on what my opponents are doing. what they are doing definitively effects how my plan is executed but i do have an underlying plan

Our strategy for our team is to score all the barrels/balls in autonomous then open the gate at the begging of the match to go pwn the rest.

within the first 5 seconds :wink:

Of autonomous mode.

Id like to thank everyone who voted we have taken the data to help us strategize

About 25 seconds to clear isolation for us

What others have said is in line with what we do. You have to take into account what (and how quickly) you and your ally can score. The same goes for your opponents.

That’s where planning with your ally in the quene before a match and communicating during a match come in. There really is no one strategy that works best always. The key is to adapt to the conditions.

would be interesting if there was a “re-poll” (completely new poll) right before worlds
to see if strategies will change drastically or not

This may be a backhanded and possibly unsportsmanlike move, but I’ll put the strategy out there as a warning so teams try to avoid falling victim to this scenario. Leaving the gates down in autonomous will make it more likely that a team will run into them for > 5 seconds and thus be disqualified. I’ve reffed quite a few matches where teams may have driven into the gate had the opposing alliance not lifted it for their own autonomous.

So you mean that it is illegal for a robot to be touching a gate for more than 5 seconds?



I most definitely think ‘it depends’ is the correct answer, and it absolutely depends on the strengths of your alliance partner and the strengths & weaknesses of your opponent (hint: scouting helps a lot here!)

If your isolation robot can score on your opponent’s 20" isolation goal, or into the 30" interaction goal, it may make a lot more sense to actually feed balls to them and leave your gate down for as long as possible. If you fill up all 3 goals in your isolation zone and get some work on the 30" and 12" interaction zone goals, you’re going to win in a lot of scenarios (not all, but most). Having a filled 30" goal to double is key here, and equally important is protecting it from the negation barrel.

In our first competition, we definitely lifted too early in some matches. We won’t be making that mistake at our next competition.

Thank you. Looks like i’m off to some changes for my auton.! :wink: