When your flywheel starts doing this...something is wrong

It was going so fast that the rubber bands started coming off. video

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I mean yeah that’s gonna happen if you’re spinning it at 5000 rpm.


how’d u figure out that it was 5000 rpm lol. its 5040

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Saw the 5:1::5:1 compound gearing (pretty sure that’s the correct notation) and guessed that if it’s that fast its a 200 rpm motor.


Still too high. Softer shots= higher accuracy= minimum flywheel speed to score discs. There’s a reason why teams who run 3600 direct run their flywheels at lower speeds up close.


for reference, we were running a 3600 direct Drive flywheel and, up close, anything over 60% speed (2160 Rpm) was too fast,


oh I see.
Tell that to the other team in my org with a 9000 rpm flywheel lol

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anything about 4k is ABSOLUTELY unnecessary. Most people use 3.6k(because you can just use direct drive with adapters).

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