Where and When will VEX Worlds 2024 Take Place?

Ok Let’s put this question out there again! Does anyone know where Worlds 24 will take place? Will it still be in Dallas, or somewhere else? Also, do we know the date range for which it will take place? Our county has end of year GSAs around the same time and our principals would like to schedule those around worlds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


VEX Worlds 2024 will be April 23-May 2 in Dallas, TX.


Forgive me for not being familiar with you nnolte. How are you aware of that information? Is it published somewhere? Or do you work with VEX/RECF? Also, do you know the specifics of when IQ and VRC will be within that range?

Vex should announce where vex worlds 2025 will be during worlds 2024.

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I’ve been an Event Partner for many years. The specific dates were just shared out today to Event Partners by EEMs. The specific dates and schedules for each event at Worlds are still being finalized, so nothing official has been released on that yet.


Was discussed here last year-

Where will Worlds be held in 2024? (or should be held):

The remodeling/renovation(and whatever else) that is going on at KBHCCD is only temporary, and presumably this would only bar Worlds from being held there for a few years at most. I would assume RECF wants worlds back in Texas ASAP as it is much easier and cheaper for them logistically.

That being said, I would expect to see Louisville as the temporary location while Kay Bailey is not an option. Why? Some RECF staff and event planners as well as some KEC staff are likely familiar with the competition, and what needs to be done for it to run successfully in Louisville. KEC has a lot of space, so it would probably be enough for Worlds, as does the dome, Freedom Hall.

However, Louisville is not perfect for a few reasons.

  1. Worlds has grown a lot since the last time it was in Louisville in 2019. If it was held in the current scheduling format(all grade levels on separate dates), then it would be more feasible, largely due to hotel space. The hotels in Louisville were almost booked full during the event in 2019, but this was during the time when there were more people in the area at once.
  2. Louisville is a long way away from RECF and IFI HQ in Texas. I would assume they would want to avoid moving all the supplies and people that far of a distance if at all possible. Again, it could work as it has in the past, but the scale of the competition is different than in the past.
  3. From what I have noticed based on conversation in the VTOW Discord, Louisville as a city has gone way downhill since some of us last saw it in 2019, to the point where it may be dangerous for competitors to walk around with all of their items. However, I have not been there since Worlds in 2019(i actually thought it was pretty nice then), so maybe someone who lives near Louisville or has been recently can give some more accurate information here.
  4. The “international” airport is subpar, and while it is very close to the convention center, international teams will likely have a much harder time getting there than they did getting to Dallas. However, I believe that this is made up for by the fact that a very large amount of US Midwest and East Coast teams are around a day’s drive or less from Louisville. This was not the case in Dallas, where the amount of teams who could drive was far smaller, resulting in a large portion of teams having to fly that normally would have driven to the event, had driving been a reasonable option.

We all know what the Dallas dome is like as a spectator, and I will confidently say that Freedom Hall was about 10x better🙃

TL;DR Worlds is going to have to temporarily be held somewhere other than Dallas after 2024 and I see Louisville as a good fit for a temporary venue.


Making a clarification to my last post since I can’t edit it :frowning:
I am providing a suggestion for the competition after 2024, as this is the last year Worlds is confirmed to be in Dallas.


In case anyone is wondering, the current KBHCC is not going to be demolished until at least Q4 of 2024, this information from the plans filed on the Dallas City Hall site. When it’s done, it’s going to be pretty impressive and will have nice transportation access with DART and such. (No, I’m not from Dallas but from it’s rival neighbor to the south on I45 that hosts the FIRST Worlds competition. :slightly_smiling_face:). As far as interim locations, unless it’s a major metro area, even the major airport hubs won’t have direct flights (I looked at both Louisville and Indianapolis from Houston), so it’s going to be a “whatever” kind of situation if we make it to VEX Worlds. My teams just want to get there…we’ll figure out the logistics when we cross that bridge. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that Louisville gas gone downhill from what you have heard. We were so disappointed in Dallas and were hoping it would go back. I feel the entire thing was nicer in KY. Better dome, Kentucky Kingdom after party, better area. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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As someone living in louisville based on my day to day life i dont feel like it has gone down hill or would be unsafe for people to visit at all. Then again i will admit that i dont often go downtown besides to go to school.


Please stop holding Worlds in states that are hostile to our LGBTQ+ participants and their families!! This was discussed on the forum a few years ago, and still REC and VEX remain officially silent.


Fair. Like I said, I have no recent firsthand experience, so your view is far more accurate than what I would be able to piece together.


Here is my view on the most popular venues based on where people want Vex Worlds to be hosted:

I hope it’s either Indiana Convention Center (Indianapolis, IN) or even better, World Congress Center (Atlanta, GA) If hosted in Atlanta I want to see 1000 VRC HS teams, at least 600 VRC MS teams, and 120 VEXU teams. This would hopefully increase WC spots for most regions. 1.5 million square feet of prime exhibit space, and the State Farm Arena (with 16,000+ seats) and Mercedes-Benz Stadium (71,000 seats) across the street. Indiana Convention Center has a smaller exhibit space than KBH. I would expect the entire event schedule to be similar to Vex Worlds 2022-2024, despite how big Lucas Oil Stadium is with 70,000 seats.

The Wintrust arena in Chicago, IL is SMALL, (a little more seats than KBH Arena, but not enough seating for all VRC MS, VEXU, JROTC, and HS competitors at the same time) for those wanting Vex Worlds to be hosted at McCormick Place Convention Center. (Chicago, IL)

Florida - Let’s not host the event in Florida, that’s for sure. Bigotry.

Kentucky Exposition Center & Freedom Hall (Louisville, KY) - I don’t mind Vex Worlds hosted in Louisville. I would want the event to be hosted over there if there are no other big venues as a feasible option. Freedom Hall has 18,000+ seats. Very close to the airport which I like.

Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA) - Arena has 7,500 seats. The convention center has a lot of space, but the arena seating is much smaller than KBC Arena. I would not host Worlds back in Anaheim simply because of the arena space. I would rather fill all the seats at KBC arena and shorten the LED screen display.

NRG Center + NRG Arena & NRG Stadium (Houston, TX) - I would also avoid Texas, just as bad as Florida. The NRG Center is sizable if the space is well-used. The NRG Arena has 8,000 seats, and NRG Stadium has 72,220 seats. I think we all know which building RECF would pick in Houston.

(My submission) Walter E Washington Convention Center & Capital One Arena (Washington, District of Columbia) - Big venue and arena with 20,000+ seats. The problem I see is the short walk to the Capital One Arena with a lot of people could block the streets. The city may not be happy to block the road while there’s traffic. 7-minute walk. (0.3-mile distance) With DC being the capital of the United States, there are a lot of attractions throughout the city. The short walk to the White House from Walter E Washington would be a good start.

Anywhere else in the country - LGBTQ+ friendly cities are preferred. Please don’t host this event in Florida. I would be very happy if Vex Worlds is hosted at any big venue that can hold all VRC events at the same time, and all VIQC events at the same time, like in Louisville, where we don’t need to extend the entire event to 10 days, no tickets needed to get into an arena for Closing Ceremony, not needing to split VRC and VIQC events to separate days based on grade or age, and not having to replay the Game Unveil for whichever grade division happens to follow another grade division after they watch their game unveil.


Also if in Atlanta(Where I am from) we have the biggest international airport and hub to all major airlines. If worlds happens here it will be great just keep in mind Atlanta does not have that many hotels.

Hotels has been reserving their properties for Team Travel Source. I’m sure Atlanta hotels would do the same.

Teams were very disappointed with TX. Due to facility being smaller and double stacked the radios ran out of channels. Auto practice was a nightmare.


Just wrong your radio on Bluetooth. This is an inherent problem with having such a large number of teams in one space.

As for this, I don’t believe this is true. In general I felt that the venue worked as well as can be expected.

What did you think of Dallas (not KBHCC) as a city for hosting world?
  • Overall it was positive
  • I didn’t like it due to lack of food options
  • I didn’t like it due to travel/location
  • I didn’t like it due to experiencing active discrimination

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For sure, majority of the time we tried to test our 15 second autonomous, it would disconnect in the middle

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This was with both communication types. Never had this problem at worlds before Texas.