Where are the Eggs?

In this years game, we are allowed to expand past the 18" cube. The masters of transforming were Green Eggs (Team 44). One of our teams is in the process of duplicating their flip out omni drive.

But that broght to mind that they were huge in the early days of VEX and at this point they should be in college or have graduated. If you are a former Green Egg member, what great thing are you up to?

(Just as an FYI I have been doing VEX since the start, have lots of roboteers that have graduated from college and even a grand-roboteer!)

The members of Green Egg Robotics are on QCC2 as far as I know.

Well 1 member of GER(leland) went to QCC for a year and now is going into his second year at WPI. He competed for QCC2 for 2 years.

The majority are still on QCC2, with a very successful Skyrise Season and a not so very successful NBN season. A few of them should still make an appearance this season of starstruck on QCC2. Although Many of the green eggs make appearances as referees here in the Southern New England Region.

Very cool, thanks for the update. Just a note, as a mentor, I’m always super nice to teams like GE/44. I expect to be working for them some day, pays to have the first meeting go well :slight_smile:

So none of the posts above are entirely accurate.

44 is long retired. It was a private team managed by the Crowther family (Leland and James were the two brothers on the team). Anyone else that was ever on GER after the round-up season (2011 I think) besides Leland and James were more or less there to support the team in a bunch of different categories, as they were the only remaining core members. I assisted Leland during the toss up season with some design/building and I did most of his world championship code for him for example.

James has graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. Tabor was correct in saying that Leland had completed his first year at WPI, but he will not be returning in the fall. He has decided that WPI wasn’t for him. I will not discuss the topic of Leland’s education any further.

As for QCC2, I am currently the only core member of that team that may still be interested (or eligible) in continuing competition. However, I will be a senior at WPI and have a few jobs that I’m juggling on top of my studies, and I am mentoring a few MS/HS teams, so I’m a little tied up and may or may not be able to participate at a (hopefully) highly competitive level. I haven’t made a decision about it yet.