Where are the motors?!?

We’re trying to form a design around the DR4B, TankDrive, Moho Lift, and Side roller in this video

Due to their speed they must have a 4 motor Drive, and Mogo Lifts have 2 motors, The DR4B has 4 and the 4 Bar lift connected to the top of their lift has 2 motors, so that’s 12 motors, So where the heck is the motor for the side roller coming from?

Thought it looks like a 2-motor dr4b ?

I would think that either the MG lift or the mini4B on the intake is only one motor. More likely the MG lift, seeing how slow it is moving.

correct me if i’m wrong but I see
2motors on the dr4b
2motors on the gimble
1 motor on the intake
so that would leave 4 on drive and 2 on MB lift

Ethan is right, there are only 5 visible motors on the lift/intake subsystem. In that case i would think its possible that it is a one motor MG and a 6 motor drive.

It looks like a four motor dr4b (around the one minute mark)

I’m looks like
4motor dr4b
4motor drive
2motor chain bar
1motor cone intake
1motor mogo intake

That’s the distribution that my team has although we have different lift subsystems.

the robot I’m currently building will have 6 motors on the drive, 4 motors on the mogo intake, 2 motor chainbar, 1 motor single bar on top of the chainbar, 1 motor cone intake, 1 motor to change the angle of the intake and one motor for an undecided purpose. No, there wasn’t a typo and yes it’s VRC legal, if you don’t know how, look around on the forums.

Isn’t there a limit to like 14 motors or something?

Sharing mogo intake motors with drive?

There are only 10 motor ports, but with 4 more ports on the power expander you can do all 16.

@JpgeyCIgjQumPfrUmpb and @ILoveBots he is doing it by moving motors from one place on the robot to another place on the robot during the match.

Woah where are you getting these numbers. Check the manual please.

<R11> Robots may use either:
Option 1: Up to ten (10) VEX EDR motors or VEX Servos (Any combination, up to ten) and a legal
VRC pneumatic system. (See <R18>)
Option 2: Up to twelve (12) VEX EDR motors or VEX Servos (Any combination, up to twelve) and no
pneumatic components, excluding pneumatic tubing.


+1 to what @Imperius said.

Also, the power expander doesn’t add ports. You have to wire from the Cortex to the power expander. It allows you to supply more energy to the motors without drawing much from your main battery. 10 (original ports) - 4 (required for the power expander) + 4 (from the power expander) = 10. If you want more, add y-cables. Using I power expander, I recommend y-cables from the Cortex to the power expander so those two motor ports on the Cortex don’t have to carry currents to run four motors.