Where are the vex parts i ordered?

I ordered a few things in in October of 2021 for Spin Up I have no yet received these parts yet. I understand if there is a delay in shipment but its been 4 months. I’m just wondering if I will get my parts or not.

This forum is more related to helping students with robot design, programming, and competitions. You will need to reach out to Vex sales support for help with your products. They do a great job responding.

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Go to your orders page and call the number there. You won’t find help on this request on the forums.

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Call them customer support. They can help sometimes.

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Fixed that for you :slight_smile: It may not be an answer you want to hear “ships in 6 weeks” but they will know whats going on.


VEX has a habit of holding an entire order if a single item is on back order. This has happened to us numerous times, even though we’ve asked them to ship in-stock items immediately in the order notes. Call them and ask them to ship the in-stock items. We’ve had quick results after calling and talking to a human. (I’ve seem many other similar comments from other coaches in the Facebook group.)