Where can I buy this part?!

I have looked everywhere where I can buy this part. One of my classroom kits has lost this piece and we have looked everywhere for it. We need to replace it but I can’t find it anywhere on their website. It came in the classroom kits. Anyone able to help me locate this piece?


I believe this part is specific to the classroom kits. I would recommend contacting vex support to get a replacement.

Alternatively, you could buy a 3x3x35 Steel Angle (SKU#: 275-1144) I mentioned the weong part, see below and cut it to size.


Wouldn’t a 2x angle be proper for cutting to size here? Why a 3 wide?


That part is unique to the V5 Clawbot.

As far as I know, the only way to get those are in the V5 Competition Starter Kit, the V5 Classroom Start Kit, and the V5 Classroom Super Kit.
I’ve linked them all, but that won’t be super useful, Something about a global supply chain. I don’t know I don’t pay attention to the news anymore.

But as mentioned above, you can just cut down some existing angle. Any 2x2x≥20 angle will work. 275-1142, 275-1143 will work but they are steel. The part you posted, 276-6009-002, is aluminum, so you may want to go with the angles out of 276-2304.


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