Where can I donate the Vex IQ set?

Our son moved to next level and we have tonnes of IQ stuff used in last season.

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I would reach out to your TEM. They will know of orgs in the area that are in need.


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I’m sure any elementary school in your area you can donate it too, if not I know a bunch of schools in Hawaii that will take it off your hands

Where are you located? I teach Grade 7/8 and have a small set of equipment I’ve been looking to build up.

If you could shoot me a message back at your earliest convenience maybe we can sort something out.

Thanks and all the best!


I am located in Bay Area, California. Where are you located?

Would love to see it put to good use. Our son won the vex world with it, so it’s personal :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, if others are near Wilmington DE, (90 min drive one way) I’ll come get your hardware. I was able to create 5 new teams out of former VEXMen items when they went V1 to V2… Oddly if you are doing a purge of game element plastics, I’m up for getting them too. You 4-5 year teams that have too much, contact me, happy to spread your wealth.

I’m from Ontario, Canada - so I would have to figure out shipping if that was something that is workable depending on the quantity of equipment. Congratulations to your son! That’s awesome. The distance isn’t ideal but it’s tough to get a program set up so I keep my eyes open for pretty much anything that can help us out. All the best and shoot me a message whenever it is convenient.