where can i download robotc for vexiq version 4.27?i don't need other version.

when I am using robotc for vexiq version 4.30 with “arcadeControl”,the robot moves slowly.Is it because of the new version version robotc?who can share version 4.27 to me,thank you!

There haven’t been any changes to the arcadeControl command from ROBOTC 4.27 to ROBOTC 4.30; I would like to diagnose this issue with you, if possible, to find out what could be causing this issue. When you say the robot is moving slower, do you mean that all of the movements are slower or just when you move forward/backward/turn, etc? Also, what is your current robot configuration from a motor port assignment standpoint?

Finally, would you be willing to send a copy of the code you are using to me so that I can review it? You can either attach it to this post or submit it as a support ticket to support@robot.net (with a link and reference to this forum post, to avoid any confusion).

Thank you in advance!

This is a known issue. As J. Pearman points out, there is a divide by two in the NatLang_IQ.c file for arcade control. Please see the following thread for instructions on how to fix it:


Now I know why it runs slowly and how to modify the code,thank you !

Sorry,I am a new comer in VEX-IQ.When I encountered this problem,someone else told me it may cause by the software version,then I posted this topic. I get the answer now,thank you !