Where can I find good Modkit tutorials?

Hi, all! New to the community. My six-year-old son and I started experimenting with VEX IQ a couple of weeks ago, and we’re having a ton of fun. We’ve already built the Clawbot, Ike, Slick, and a modified autonomous standard drive base.

I’m frankly mystified, however, by how hard it’s been to find good resources for learning Modkit. Obviously we went through the initial tutorials, but those are each a couple of minutes long and aren’t super helpful. And we’ve found only a handful of helpful YouTube vids.

I’m surprised, both that VEX hasn’t created more resources, and that there isn’t more user-made content out there, given the popularity of VEX IQ. I get the sense that most users are involved in competitions, and that competition teams almost exclusively use ROBOTC. Is that why there aren’t more Modkit resources? Or do really fantastic, comprehensive Modkit tutorials exist somewhere, and I’m just not finding them?

Again, my son is only 6, and I have no programming background, so I don’t see us moving into ROBOTC territory for quite a while.

We’re doing okay with what we’ve found. This weekend, we put together a passable maze-solving program (which we cribbed almost entirely from a YouTube video). But I think we need more tutorials (or else LOTS of frustrating trial-and-error) to start applying concepts to our own projects from scratch.

There really isn’t that much out there although I suspect that will change.

Damien Kee’s book might be worth a look though.

Thanks. I’d looked at the Kee book, but my son (and I, too, really) learn better from video, and from the table of contents, it looks like it may be pretty basic stuff (which makes sense, as a classroom setting only provides so much time).

If there aren’t very many good resources, how do most people learn? Are people applying previous programming experience? Or just doing trial-and-error? Or taking classes? Or what?

It feels like there’s an opportunity for VEX to grow the market here. My son and I will figure it out because he’s really into it, but for people who are just trying the waters, I’m not sure they’d have that sort of patience.

I guess most people just figure it out. The basics are the same as Blockly or Scratch which will be familiar to a lot of people. I really like Modkit and it is pretty easy to learn but the lack of documentation has probably meant that a lot of people haven’t got the most out of it. Like I said, I suspect all that will change but for now you are stuck with what you can find.

In the meantime, feel free to post up anything you need help trying to realise in Modkit and we’ll help you out.

Thank you! We don’t even have much of a background in those other graphical languages, so we’re just getting our feet wet with how the logic and sequencing of very basic programming works.

Right now, I guess I’m interested in even getting a sense of what’s possible. For example, I think they next thing we’re going to build is the Armbot. I purchased the three-color cube kit, and I’m hoping to write a program where I can scatter the cubes around the robot, and then have the bot autonomously sort and stack them by color. But like I said, we haven’t even built it yet, and I’m not sure if the standard Super Kit sensors (one color, one gyro, one distance, etc.) are enough to provide that sort of functionality.

It’s totally possible using the standard sensors from the Super Kit. I have done pretty much exactly what you describe but using ROBOTC instead of Modkit. I did try to port the program to Modkit but really complex programs with lots of motor moves don’t take too well to Modkit. Once in a while, it’ll skip a motor move which makes the robot arm one a tough one to nail. I’ll try to find my attempt in Modkit and post it up later, not sure if I still have it.
VEX are releasing a new programming environment called VEX Coding Studio. Not seen an official release date for it yet but it is probably the reason why Modkit development has stopped.

Here it is. Oddly, it looks like it was done in an old version of Modkit because the file extension was different. I renamed it and it still seemed to open anyway. Might give you some inspiration!

ArmBot_Colour.zip (2.44 KB)

Awesome, thanks! (What program should I use to open the file? I have a Mac, and it’s not recognizing it.)

I just picked up my son from school and spent an hour writing a program that utilizes the gyro, only to download it and realize pretty much none of it worked. Lots to learn. Going to try it in smaller chunks next time …

It’s a regular zip file. I had to put it inside a zip because you can’t upload Modkit files to this forum :rolleyes:

I hate to keep bothering you, but I unzipped it and still can’t figure out how to open it.

(Clearly, my tech game needs work if I’m going to stick around this world …)

It’s not you, it’s the odd way that Modkit does stuff!
You’ll need to copy the file to whatever folder Modkit is set to load/save files from. I’m not a Mac person so not sure where this would be but if you click Project the Browse on a Windows version, you can see the path of the folder (and change it if you wish). Mac should be the same.

It may be a Mac/PC issue, but my Modkit editor will only open cloud projects. (There’s a “This Computer” option, but it’s greyed out.)

Sigh. I may give up for a couple of weeks and work through the Wonder app with my son on his Dash robot. I can see the huge potential w/ VEX, but I wish the company would find a way to lower the barriers of entry in a way that better accommodated beginners. (Not by making anything “easier,” necessarily, but just by producing a handful of project-centric coding tutorials. It’s a small ask!)

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please check this link for modkit tutorials

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