Where can I find how many teams were registered during the tp season?

Yeah, I’m just curious and don’t really know where to find how many. I found 11,400 teams but that is an outdated number.

You can possibly do this through the vexdb api, but I don’t think there is a completely accurate way to do this.

Didn’t grant say something during parade of nations about how many teams there were? I’m assuming nobody registered after worlds.

“Registered teams” is pretty hard to do from vexdb, but here’s a python3 program (using my VexDB API wrapper) that finds every team that registered for at least one event in Turning Point:

import vexdb as v

tp_events = v.getEvents(season="Turning Point", program="VRC", get_all=True)

teams = set()

for event in tp_events:
        for team in v.getTeams(sku=event["sku"]):

print("Found %d active teams in Turning Point" % len(teams))

Running the program took a while on my slow ubuntu machine (mostly because it makes an API request for every event) but produced the following output:

john@JohnServer:~$ time python3 tp_active_teams.py
Found 10209 active teams in Turning Point

real    4m0.654s
user    0m3.844s
sys     0m0.908s

That number only includes VRC teams, to get VEXU teams as well just remove the program parameter from the call to getEvents.


I’m supposing then that it doesn’t include IQ teams if it didn’t include VEXU, yeah? Did it include both MS and HS for VRC?

I don’t think VexDB catalogs IQ events and teams, does it?

Looks like it doesn’t. They probably just weren’t interested in scraping that info from robotevents.

Correct, this doesn’t include IQ because VexDB doesn’t include any data from IQ events (though I increasingly find myself wishing it did as I’ve gotten more involved with IQ recently). It does include both HS and MS VRC teams. It would be possible to count only one or the other by checking the grade attribute of the objects returned by getTeams. Though I remember reading that VexDB’s grade-level data is an inference based on events the team has attended (and thus not 100% accurate) because that info is harder to scrape from robotevents or something.