Where can I find teaching resources for programming with Modkit?

I am a parent looking to purchase a robotic kit mainly to teach coding to a 7 year old while seeing the results in a moving robot.
I see that Vex IQ seems to have a good foot in the door with schools but I am very confused as I have searched high and low for resources on teaching Modkit.
There is a fair amount of teaching materials to build, but extremely little on a teaching coding with Modkit.
Is Vex IQ focused on only the building aspect of robots and not the coding part?
Yes I am familiar with http://www.modkit.com/vex but this is so limited.
Can anyone help me with other resources as I feel I am left out on limb.

I wrote a teacher resource on using the VEX IQ with Modkit. Have a look here and see if it might suit what you’re after.


Damien Kee