Where can I learn how to CAD VEX?

I want to learn how to CAD VEX
I have Fusion and some other CAD programs
Where is the best place to learn CAD for VEX and what is the best software

Autodesk offer a free course on building a clawbot in Fusion 360 here: https://academy.autodesk.com/course/129015/fusion-360-design-and-customize-vex-edr-clawbot

If you are going down the Fusion 360 route, they also suggest you complete their course on the foundational concepts as apart of the VEX course. You can find that here: https://academy.autodesk.com/course/124629/fusion-360-foundational-concepts

A quick search on the forum and on YouTube should help you find other resources as well.

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There is a Youtube video that goes through the whole process using Fusion 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-eJWgVez8g

Hope this helps

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