Where can I learn RobotC?

Hey guys, I have a lot of time on my hands in quarantine, and I want to learn RobotC for robotics next year. I just can’t find anywhere that I can learn it.

Carnegie Mellon has a great on-line course: https://www.cmu.edu/roboticsacademy/roboticscurriculum/VEX%20Curriculum/index.html

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Be aware, though, that you can’t use RobotC for V5 and that it is likely within a season or two they will stop allowing you to compete with Cortex. You might want to focus on learning a program that you will be able to use with V5, if you plan to compete.


I’m a 7th grader this year, and I know for a fact that I’ll be using cortex next year. And I already know C++.

In that case why not use PROS?


I just prefer to use C

And I don’t really want to learn another language

PROS for cortex uses standard C.
RobotC is a modified version of C.

PROS lets you use your own editor (with you know, a linter).
RobotC does not let you use a different editor easily.

PROS supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
RobotC supports Windows.

PROS is the better choice here.


ROBOTC is not supported for V5. But if you’re doing V4 I think it would be a good choice to do ROBOTC as it helps teach you the fundamentals of coding (Unless you already know C++ then do PROS with V4). There are so many resources for ROBOTC, so I would advise you just use google or the search bar rather than creating a new thread that is pretty much duplicates from past threads :slight_smile:


I code on an HP Probook, which uses windows.

I know C++, so I guess I can try PROS. Thanks!

I’m confused as to why you are so set on using RobotC. It’s generally considered to be less advanced than PROS (most people migrated to PROS from RobotC, as I myself did). Given that RobotC is essentially dead software (the last update was in 2017…), and how PROS is still living on for V5, I really don’t see much reason to start with RobotC.

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ROBOTC has a debugger…

For a 7th grader I think ROBOTC is a totally fine thing to use.


But in the long term it’s not the best thing to use. @JustALonelyAstronaut you should spend the time now to learn PROS for cortex. It’s closer to C than RobotC is, and it will prepare you for other programming in the future in a way that RobotC can’t.


ROBOTC does not have bit fields last I checked.

I already know C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

… If you know actual programming, you \huge{DEFINITELY} need to learn PROS, not RobotC. PROS let’s you do so much more in terms of controlling the robot.


I’m really just coding auton. I’m my team’s backup coder since I actually know how to code. We talked, and we decided that I would code auton, since our main coder is doing a lot.

All I need to know is pretty basic stuff.

What software does your main coder use?