Where can I learn to code in natural language pltw? My teacher isn't even trying to teach and I'm supposed to know by now

Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask, but I can’t find anything that helps me. I have no coding experience so having a teacher give me a packet and say to code 5 things and not helping at all kinda sucks :confused:

I know it’s an easy one, but Im struggling with a “toll booth” thing and if anyone would help I’d really appreciate it

I kinda had to teach myself pltw as well. The biggest thing is learning the StartMotor command along with Wait commands and StopMotor commands. A lot can be done with that bit of information.

In RobotC, there should be a side bar to the left with the basic commands in it? I’d use that almost like drag-and-drop block coding.


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Since ROBOTC is free, you can just download it online and practice programming and checking syntaxes. The first ever time I learned robotc was through https://www.cs2n.org/ . Just create an account and join any ROBOTC class and you can read books, take quizes, etc. much quicker than what pltw would do.
Outside of programming, If you do need to learn a lot about VEX quickly, VEX has their own curriculum here: https://curriculum.vexrobotics.com/home.html
Hopefully this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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