where can the bot be in the loading zone?

Can the bot be 1/2 off the colored tile and 1/2 on the gray for loading?
the loading part would be on the colored tile not the gray.
Or does the bot need to be fully on the colored tile?
I know the ball can not be placed on gray.

Here is the exact rule:

So, based on the description in the rule it is okay if the robot is touching a grey tile when you load a ball, as long as it is touching the loading zone as well. Figures 10-13 right below the rule also show this.

From my understanding if you are loading it into your robot then you must make sure the robot is touching your loading tile and that you are not breaking the plane of the field.

You could also gently toss your driver loads onto the loading zone without a robot being there, given that you don’t cause it to roll out of the loading zone. However, I am not sure how many you’re allowed to place at once, as there is not a rule stated for that (I might have missed it.)

My understanding is that your robot does not have to be on your colored tile for loading, but that’s not an official ruling. If you want an official ruling, you can always check the Official Q&A here: https://vexforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=403
And if you don’t find anything, you can start a new thread. (Sorry if that sounds patronizing, just trying to help.)