Where can u find metal chain

Yes i searched the forums keywords metal_chain
i know the chain is about 7 links to an inch just cant find supplier

www.sdp-si.com Looks like they have a chain that will work.

Hopefully when you change your chain to metal your going to think about changing your sprockets too. I can’t see the plastic sprockets supporting a metal chain. Expecially if you are going metal because your breaking your plastic. Say hello to more expensive parts replacement.

i think i will because the chain looks a little wide for vex sprockets and the chain is .0003 inches too big so it might slip off too much

I thought about 1 more thing you need to consider, and thats twisting your axels.

Don’t take this the wrong way but what are you building? or are you just wanting this in general. metal chain is just way out of the ball field. it’s not like these motors are pumping out massive amounts of power and torque. I don’t know what it is that your doing but my chain has never broke and i’ve stalled my creations more than one should. enlighten us metal gears… metal chain … metal sprockets… whats next a 3kvA battery? just about every one of the vex producsts are designed within a a relative close torque frame.

best of luck to you and watch out for pinch points. metal isn’t so forgiving
when it comes to flesh

its not really that the plastic chain isnt efficient its just sometimes u cant get it the right tightness so its either too tight or too loose which ends up freaking it and the one back side always broke but the rest were fine:confused: i have no idea whyi think i just need to put a gear in between to tighten/loosen more i assume?

i forgot about the that cause i didnt get pinched recently but did get pinched helping a kid get his bmx bikes chain back on when i was younger and didnt feel good at all:mad: i think i will just stick to normal chain cause i got pinched by it cause i forgot to turn off robot and i bumped the still operational remote while i was putting the chain on and got a sharp pinch

Chain tensioning is very important. I use a spring system. i will show you a pic … but it’s simple to make springs are super cheap go to your hometown hardware store like an ace not lowes or homedepot they have springs but in a 4 to 6 dollar kit with about 30 other springs that are too hard or too soft for vex work.

Well till you tube catchs up i’ll post the video of it in action pics can be viewed at?




This is a larger view of what i use. it’s simple and effective

nice thats the same way a back gear shifter on a bike keeps the chain just right:D