Where can you purchase low goals?

I found the High Goal for sale. I can’t make sure I get both colours to calibrate sensors (which is… weird). But at least they’re there.

And I found a bunch of balls.

But no low goal. I’ve got a Skyrise field already. but I need to get it swapped over for the new game. So. Which kit does it come in?

And, what price should I be expecting for the full set of field objects? Is it REALLY going to be $500 for a pair of nets, two bars, and 100ish balls?

Is it possible you’ll sell a set of two Goals, but without the balls?

How similar are the balls to the ones from Clean Sweep? Do I need to buy new ones, before I start prototyping cannons?

The new game does use the low hoal from skyrise it can be located oin the game elements pack that comes with everything you need besides the actual field it is approximately $500. As for buying the brackets to attach the people le seperately i dont know but I’ll check back over and see what i find!

The tube and brackets for the low goal don’t come separately, and while you can get large PVC pipe anywhere, the brackets are a field kit exclusive part. I guess it’s their way of making you have to buy the full field kit for $500, which I find is ridiculously expensive. I’ll look into some DIY or low cost alternatives over the summer.

500 is a lot but if you look at it the balls total to 240 for 4 sets of balls and the 2 nets are 150 that right there is 400 so comparatively its not too bad.

Here’s a suggestion - host an event! Then you can get them at reduced rates.

There’s a reduced rate for fields if you host an event? We were considering hosting an event and were probably going to order a field, but I hadn’t heard anything about this.

See the email blasts… This was for last year but it has applied for the past few. The downside is you have to get your event situated soon to get a kit early.