Where do i find the program to be able to code vex V4

I got my hands on a vex V4 brain and key and don’t know what to use to program it

Look at this page at the bottom - Cortex



i dont understand i am new to vex

Is what you asked. I pointed you to resources to software to program Cortex (also referred to as V4). Please look at the resource and then reframe your question for clarification.


under cortex there is a few options witch one do i use?

Which ever one you want to use. I’d recommend RobotC or PROS.

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I would use context here - new to VEX - robotC has a lot of more “formal” support from CMU lessons. But others may have opinions.

thanks for the help to both of you :slightly_smiling_face:

You can find many videos on Youtube on setting up and using RobotC . Hope they will help you get started. there are also many tutur web sites on the web.