Where do I sell VEX stuff?

Is this the right forum to post the stuff I want to sell?

I have motors controllers brackets gears etc.

I’d wager that this forum isn’t for sales of products at all. There are other online vex communities for that kind of thing (discord chats, etc.)

It has happened in the past. I would argue it would be much safer to sell here because there is added credibility to members of the community.

As much as my permission matters, go ahead.

@tabor473 That’s probably true - definitely a better environment here. I’m personally fine with it, just not sure what VEX thinks about it.

U got a spreadsheet with prices and quantities?

Let me know what you have please.

I PM’d you, am interested in purchasing parts.

Interested. Please give prices and pictures.

Hi All,
So it seems I wont be violating any rules if I posted ie here :slight_smile: (interpreting everyones comments above)
If moderators feel I should not post, please feel to remove it, but since people are asking, here is the list of things I have to sell:

note: Will post pictures once I reach home after work.

(1 no.) 3000 mAh Battery (Tenergy Brand) with charger
(6 no.) 2-Wire Motor 393 with Motor Controller 29 (2 of the controller cable ends have been cut at the female pin side, you can solder or attach new pins there.)
(4 no.) 84 Tooth gears
(8 no.) Rack gear boxes
(4 no.) 2 Wire 24" extension cables
(1 no.) Advanced gear set (without the worm gears and worm wheels)
(12 no.) 12 Tooth Pinion gears
(2 no.) Worm Gear Boxes
(10 or 14 no.) bearing flats
(4 no.) 4" high strength bearing shafts
(4 no.) 2.75" Wheels
(4 no.) 1x25 Aluminum Bars
(16 to 20 no.) Shaft Collars (some are perfect some snap and takes skill to tighten them but most of them are in good condition, can throw them in for free)

Please name your price(s) when you get a chance.

I would prefer if someone can take the whole set, else i will have to worry about breaking down the shipping cost for each item.

As a lot, I think I was thinking around $300.

Let me know if you are interested in individual items and I can give you prices for the specific items you want.

Anyone interested? :slight_smile:

The value of what you listed above, new from VEX, is approximately $335. Unless there is more you didn’t list then I’m going to pass. Sorry!

I sent you a PM a couple days ago.