Where do I unzip my files to?

I have downloaded the Vex parts file and created a new project called Clawbot but I am curious as to which files should get unzipped into which folders. At the moment I am getting a lot of messages about my VEX-KOP library not being in Inventor’s search order and I can’t add this library to my Clawbot project using the project editor. Could someone tell me which files need to be where so I can get Inventor to run smoothly, please? I have tried moving things around to match the Electrical Project that comes with the software but this, not surprisingly, seems to have made things worse.

It doesn’t really matter where you unzip the files to (i think). You need to make a new project file in inventor and then put in the project file path back to your pat files. Make sure your part files are in a folder by themselves also. I haven’t used Inventor in a while so i don’t know if all this is correct but you could give it a shot anyway and see if it works. :slight_smile: