Where Do you VEX?

like the title, where do you vex?

hmm…well in my room but my vex is scattered everywhere, so on my floor, desk, bed, well everywhere!

ha me too, but i try to keep it contained in my huge closet.

that sounds cool being huddled up in my closet building vex with only the glow of a laptop…kind of awkward though

BTW on the poll whats the point of ‘i dont wanna tell you!’ :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

my closet is about 6 times bigger than a normal 5x2 closet, and i have a hanging lamp and two big dors on it, so i can just put it all in there and out of sight.

the point of i dont wanna tell you is if you dont want to tell me, no real reason though

lol a couple ppl dont like to reveal there secrets so far…

I don’t have vex at home… so I can only work at school. Still a good time whenever building robots.

Here’s a true story:

When apple was working on the iPhone, they kept their software and hardware departments separate. The hardware department was working on hardware with fake software, and the software department was working on the software with fake hardware. At the end, about only 30 people actually saw the actual finished product.

here’s the article: http://www.wired.com/gadgets/wireless/magazine/16-02/ff_iphone

Although it might not matter where you work and how you do you work, with big companies, how you work and what information is leaked makes all the difference.

I work on my Vex at home, in my Dinning Room (bed room is too small, and the Wife would REALLY Complain), but right now my 3+ Vex Kits are on loan to the Local High School Robotics Team, working on their FTC. We work are a seperate location near the High School…

Home all the way for me, the only problem is how expensive the parts are, I just spent about $400 on robotics stuff…