Where does autonomous go?

I have my controller program going, but where do I put the autonomous code? #newguy

Panther could you send me your code by chance?

C++? C++Pro? Blocks? Pics would help.

If you are using VEX Coding Studio, when you first open the program and you get the window asking what language you want to use, click on the Example Programs tab, scroll down to Competition and click either C++ or C++ Pro. That will get you to the Competition Template. Put your autonomous code in the autonomous section and your driver code in the user control section.

@536Mentor, so I can build my controller and autonomous programs with the modkit blocks and then copy and past it into C++, correct? Is there a way I can put it into my Modkit blocks?

What does clicking the competition button in Modkit blocks do?

I don’t think there is a competition template for the Modkit blocks yet. But I may be wrong, I don’t use Modkit.