Where (if anywhere) are event organizers going to mount monitors?

These last two years, despite not being in the field specifications, there have been monitors on one of the corners of the field during matches. This allowed drivers to see the time during the match. No complaints there, it’s hugely helpful.

However, the Nothing But Net field has nets in the two corners opposite the driver’s stations. Meaning that in order to mount the monitors in a corner of the field, they are going to be literally in front of people driving. Other than drastically reducing their usefulness (or requiring two of them per field), at local competitions, this is no big deal. Fields are typically on the floor. But at Worlds, they’ll be at chest height. Exactly where people trying to put in driver loads want to reach through.

So, I have to ask; to the people who will be setting up fields, where will you be putting the monitors? Are you going to use them at all this year? It looks like they were added in Toss Up (going off of YouTube videos of Worlds), so it’s not like it’s unprecedented to run fields without them.

Maybe some people will try to mount the monitor right between the middle of both goals, but if not really mounted and just standing on a chair or something, it could be knocked accidentally by balls. I hope those who help host tournaments do this though, somehow.

We may set up a couple of Projectors

Yeah, I agree with both of the previous posts. Hopefully the monitors will be both easy to see and out of the reach of potential catapults :slight_smile:

We have always just placed laptops with the time on chairs.