Where is the VEX parts library in OnShape?

I just started using OnShape and my experience went really well. I love how it doesn’t slow down your computer to the point it is unusable. I also love how it can be accessed from any device that has a browser (of course the browser also needs to support the online software of OnShape as well). I’m going to be using OnShape from now on to create models of my team’s robot. I’ve heard there is a VEX library somewhere in OnShape that has all of the different VEX parts and pieces. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the library. I’ve tried searching every where for it, and yet I can’t find it. Does anybody know where this library is? Does this library even exist? Thank you for any answers in advance!

There is no the library.

Team 2114A’s library: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/5782e53fe4b0b7679dbf9f2c/w/b62de756a6f06dfc82b8fcef/e/bdbaf7b4a0cbf3da59b1e980

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Thank you so much. I kept finding copies of this one but they were either incomplete or changed from the original.