Where is the Vex promo video?

Before the 2 animation videos were posted on the Vex Elevation page, there was a Vex promo video on the Elevation page (followed by the message “Animations coming soon”) that had a nice overview of different Vex bots and teams. Does anyone know the address of that video? Also, if you have any favorite Vex videos that you recommend for PR/awareness-raising purposes, I’d appreciate a link. Shorter videos (2-3 minutes is ideal) are preferable to long ones.

My mentor uses one from FIRST even though we are in IFI now, ill ask him where he got it from.

Maybe it was this video?

Yep, that’s the one, thanks. The link also directed me to some other good videos, including different ones that come in the first couple pages of searching for “Vex” on YouTube.