Where is Vex coding studio link gone?

What happened to the vex coding studio? I have planned all my classes with this. Please send me the link so I can continue teaching my course. Does anyone have a copy of the windows version they could share with me.

Has it been discontinued? I did all my training in this software?

Yes it has been discontinued. VEXcode V5 Text and VEXcode V5 Blocks have taken its place. STEMlabs has been updated to VEXCode education.vex.com, help files updated at help.vex.com and new online training/certification will soon be online again using VEXcode certifications.vex.com

Further VEXcode is the same being used on IQ and available on iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Chromebook. (and I think Android soon, not sure)…

VCS never advanced, never had any real support.

The reboot was worth it.


what??? vcs is discontinued?

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but i still have it installed. will it be deleted or something?

installed versions should continue to work.

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If you consider VCS to “work” that is.


I also planned classes around VCS. I swear I read a post here about how somebody was “happy to announce the public release” of VCS just last august. One season later and the happiness is gone? I’m back at school this season installing VCS, watching tutorial videos, testing on early season beater builds, and then download links I posted for students disappear and webpages 404? Now I see messages about being happy again, but for a new product called Vexcode? So confusing. What program should I actually invest my time and teaching in?

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The way it has been handled is far from ideal for sure and it has made planning very difficult, but there is probably more to it than meets the eye.
VEXcode is a safe bet because it is essentially an in-house development provided by a proven team who deliver. That means you’ll get great software and excellent STEMlabs integration. Of course, this should have happened with VCS but the software side which is probably 3rd party was clearly not being delivered in the same way that Modkit for IQ never was. VEXcode has done more for IQ programming in the last few months than Modkit delivered in years. The same van be said for VEXcode vs. VCS.
Code for VEXcode and VCS are interchangeable so other than the robot config side, much of what you have leaned for VCS can be applied to VECcode too.


The VCS installer (at least at one point) was digitally signed by Robomatter. (Not that it necessarily means anything, but I got the impression VCS was just a mismanaged in-house project, not outsourced to some random 3rd party.)


Vex coding studio was discontinued by Vex, when they released the first stable version of Vexcode sometime in July or June. But from what I’ve seen the syntax in Vexcode compared with the syntax in Vex coding studio is very much the same, so it shouldn’t be that hard to relearn Vexcode.

And to think that my bot still runs on code created in vcs…
But yes, vexcode would be good. I hope they dont yank it later on :frowning:

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Wait does it still run on VCS?

Yeah I’m pretty sure

What is that supposed to mean, by the fact that you’re pretty sure, is your code still VCS? Or are you refering to the firmware of the brain.

I’m saying that if you really wanted to, you could make v5 run on vcs. Dont know why you would though. I’m not exactly sure though, they may have changed it.

vcs is still functional, and technically usable, although since it has been discontinued, and is also terrible, I wouldn’t recommend using it.


The Robomatter team handled the “last mile” part of VCS in terms of Installers (hence the code signing certificates), Knowledge Base articles (help.vex.com), and STEM Lab development (education.vex.com).