Where is VEX IQ 2019-2020 Chinese game manual fast THANKYOU!

Please share a competition document in full Chinese(including props( balls and other task props) and theme Chinese names). It is very urgent to sit and wait. Thank you all. Thank you! Hey! Hey!
and sorry my english is very bad,because i’m from China


Have you checked innovationfirst.cn? That’s the Chinese VEX website.

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I have the same concern. I too am from China and though I am not to bad at English I fear that the referees cannot say the same. I need a Chinese manual to quote from and my first competition is drawing close. If anyone could share a PDF download link it’d be really helpful. Thanks.
Also I am doing VEX EDR not IQ

You can view this web page. It is a Chinese forum. You need to register a new account. Besides, what are you, Chinese or American? This is the latest rule of 0630. You can also read WeChat Public VEX Education Robot.

I’m Chinese.
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