Where to buy parts in the UK

Are there any alternate vendors/methods to buy parts at a cheaper price in the UK? We are on a tight budget :frowning:

Depends, are you looking to buy motors/electronics? Or pnuematics and screws?

I know that I can buy pneumatics from SMC, but yeah, I basically have to buy everything else, including electronics, screws and structural material.

Electronics(motors, brain), the only way to buy it is from vex.

R7 & R11 list the things you don’t need to buy from your VEX reseller. Screws, nuts, washers, standoffs, and plastic sheet (usually polycarbonate or ABS). Check around with team members’ parents and find someone who works in manufacturing/fabrication shop, to get recommendation for suppliers. Contact robosource.net and see if they ship reasonalbly to the UK. They are the best source for screws, standoffs, and plastic sheet in the US. Robosource has Canadian connections (but I don’t know if that helps with UK shipping or not).

Check out this link, it might help you out: is there a UK equivalent to mcmaster carr? | GroupDIY Audio Forum

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Rapid used to resell however they’re only selling whatever stock they have left now. Other than that there’s nothing else uk based, robosource is what we used, shipping is expensive but not much choices other than that. of course you can buy from vex as well but robosource may be cheaper even if shipping is costly.

does the smc.eu store sell the relevant pneumatic parts for vex? I’ve looked and couldn’t find the right parts, I could only find them from the American smcpneumatics.com

RS components sells VEX kit in the UK now, not sure if it’s cheaper than direct from VEX though.