Where to buy Pneumatics?

At present, I am in the final stages of procuring components for my recently restructured VRC team. I am well aware of the significance of incorporating pneumatics into our setup, but I am struggling to determine the best source for purchasing them. Unfortunately, Vex is currently out of stock, leaving me uncertain about which alternative options to explore. It has become increasingly vital for me to distinguish between essential and non-essential items, so as to make the most informed purchasing decisions for our team’s success.


They are releasing a new kit… But no date has been given. I was told by [email protected] that it would be released “after WORLDS.”

And this is the latest:

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There has been a new post about it, and the new kit is on vex.com now. V5 Pneumatics Kit - VEX Robotics


Aware that there is a new kit this season and that the kit is not available (sold out) - we are trying to procure old pneumatic parts from third party vendors, as VEX does not sell any type of VRC legal pneumatic components anymore other than black tubing.

Was able to find most SMC made components. However, we are stuck on one component that simply does not exist anywhere: the driver cable.

Please help. Where would we be able to procure the driver cable to interface a SMC solenoid to a VEX V5 brain triport? Is there a way to rig one, or this is not competition legal. Really stuck…

from VEX, bottom of this page.


Oh. I guess was not using proper search keywords.

Thank you James!

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When trying to access the websites on GOATS pneumatic order sheet, the links for some reason do not open. When also trying to access the SMC home page, it does not open. I do not believe this is a problem with my computer or internet as I am amble to open other tabs such as vexforum and the VEX website. Could anybody clarify the situation on what happened?


I am able to open the spreadsheet. I made a copy of it, so try this link:

I am also able to open the SMC home page. I think this is a problem on your end.