Where to buy?

I bought the starter set about a year ago, from Radio Shack. Now, I want to buy a chain and sprocket set to go with it, but I can’t find any Radio Shacks that even sell Vex products anymore. Has Radio Shack stopped carrying Vex Products? It was way easier to drive to the store and buy parts than to order them online ( and cheaper :slight_smile: ). Does anyone know what happened?:confused:

Start with Innovation First, Inc. Acquires Vex from RadioShack.

Then go to Vex Robotics Sprocket and Chain Kit using Internet Explorer.

Thanks. This sheds some light on why I can’t find Vex at Radio Shack.

You can’t find them at radio shack because they have sold the vex out to a different company and they were told to ship there vex to the wearhouse