Where to code skills

Where do I put the code for skills? Like I can’t seem to find it in the competition template
Edit: we are using V5, idk why you all think we are using ROBOTC

just make a new program, the person running skills will run driver control section for driving skills, and autonomous section for programing skills. i suggest (on vex code pro) go to file>save as ,than it makes a copy of your code you can modify for skills.

Our team uses ROBOTC, and we usually have 2 files of code, one for driving and another for autonomous. It worked out well for us.

Since you’re using ROBOTC, I assume you are using the cortex since the software is not compatible with the V5 system. Are you competing this year? If so, per <R16> only the V5 system is allowed now; the cortex (V4) is no longer competition legal.

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