Where to download latest VEXos Utility v2.2.0

I just received my IQ 2nd Gen brain. I am trying to update firmware, but the VEXos Utility does not recognize the brain when plugged in via USB. I have tried several USB cables. Windows does make the sound like something is connected. VEXCode does see the brain fine.

It appears the Windows download link is still downloading the old version (v2.1.5) not the new one (v2.2). I am guessing this since the downloaded filename is VEXosUtilitySetup_20200814.exe, not VEXosUtilitySetup_20211001.exe like the VEXCode download.

There shouldn’t be any need for a separate firmware update utility with the Gen 2 brain – I believe the latest version of VEXcode can update the Gen 2 brain’s firmware.


That would be fantastic! I do not see any menu options for that at the moment. Maybe it is automated and I am currently on latest? I am currently able to load and run simple projects.

Thanks for the quick reply and answer. I will keep an eye on it.

Latest firmware for IQ generation 2 is V1.0.1, your unit was most likely updated before being shipped to you. When new firmware is available, VEXcode will inform you and then allow update.

Also, see the knowledge base article.