Where to download Pros vision sensor utility program

Im sorry if im missing it, but where can i configure the vision sensor using the V5 Vision Utility program? where do i download/ start the V5 Vision Utility program

It will typically be installed with whatever development environment you use. What are you using?

On some operating systems, PROS doesn’t ship with a Vision Utility. You can either use VCS’s vision utility or RobotMesh’s vision utility.

Im using PROS to program my vision

Oh so they work like the same right?

But when i install pros, i remember seeing a checkmark for downloading the v5 vision uttility

PROS does come with a vision utility. You can download it separately here:
Windows MacOS
Where i got them from
(though note, I believe the pros vision utility has an extra feature to copy signatures)

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Where can i access that vision utility that came with pros?

Try searching on your computer for “vision utility” or something similar. You downloaded the right file; that’s the PROS installer for the latest version.

i searched my whole C: for v5 vision utility and it only showed a vcs vision utility (lol)

That’s the one. It’s not listed as “PROS vision utility” or anything if that’s what you mean.

oh ok my searched file is at C:\Users\Eden Cheung\AppData\Local\Programs\PROS\v5-vision many Thanks!

The ones on our releases page are the same ones that would get installed through other means, so they should also have that copy button.

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