Where to get Lexan?

We’ve been looking for sheets of 0.0625" Lexan/polycarb, but haven’t been able to find anything that thin. (We’ve tried Home Depot and Lowe’s.) So, where does your team get Lexan?


McMaster-Carr is a good place, not just for lexan, but for cheaper Vex-Identical parts in general. http://www.mcmaster.com/

I used these guys http://www.interstateplastics.com/ prices are good and they can pre cut for you. There will be a service charge for small orders less than $50.

McMaster-Carr: McMaster-Carr

12"x24"x1/16" for $7.22.

If your in the lowermainland, there’s a store called Plastic Works, 132 st and around 74 ave, in Surrey. I got a 50" x 33" for $20. They have random cut pieces all the time that they sell for cheap.

We get ours from TAP Plastics (they’re on the West Coast). At least at our local one, they have a scrap bin with assorted pieces for $1 per piece (I could be wrong about that price).
It’s about $4 per square foot (in any dimensions) if I recall correctly.

Great! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help, guys!