Where to get the sticker?

We saw a lot of robot have beautifual sticker with name and slogan etc on it and stick on the robot. Where can we customize them and buy them? Thanks.

There is really no dedicated place. Just go and search it up on Google, and you should be able to find a website, pre-order a sticker and it will be delivered to you. Or you could just get a color-printing sticker printer.

Although check the rulebook just to be safe

Have a great season!


As @evarikkad_thecoder mentioned, there are many different options for this from the DIY, local print shops, office supply chains like Staples/Office Max, to several web-based companies specializing in this kind of work.

Last year my team used StickerApp to print stickers of both our regular and worlds logos. They had great quality, turn-around, and shipping on the orders (especially since they were printed in Sweden!) and their support was helpful after we accidentally submitted a duplicate of our Worlds order.

Each team’s situations and needs are going to be different, but I wanted to share our experience to at least give you a possible starting point.