Where to get VEX Competition Template?

My school is hosting a local VRC scrimmage. I am wondering where to get the VEX competition template where the leaderboards, live matches w/ scoring + team numbers w/ seed number, alliance selection, etc can be updated and shown to the participating teams at this scrimmage competition. Does anyone know where/how I can find and how to operate it?

If I understand your question, this is the stuff done by the Tournament Manager software. User guide here: Tournament Manager User Guide - REC Foundation


Thanks for your response! I went ahead and downloaded the Tournament Manager and Guide, however, when I try to Create a New Tournament, a pop up comes saying “Port In Use. Another Application is using the port needed by Tournament Manager. Close any other running applications and try again.” I’ve tried after closing all applications and disconnecting any USB ports but still doesn’t work.
Do you know why this might be happening?

Running on a Mac? If so turn off air play receiver.


If you’re on a Mac, go into System Settings → General → Airdrop & Handoff and turn off “AirPlay Receiver”, it uses the same network port that TM wants.

(If you’re on macOS 12.x or earlier, the switch for AirPlay Receiver is in System Preferences → Sharing)

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This worked and I look forward to hosting a scrimmage at my school. Thanks, all, for the help!


great! host a few this season, and then see about hosting formal tournament - it is great for teams to have a variety of experiences!

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