Where to go from here

I’ve been having my team of engineering beginners go through the vexrobotics curriculum online, as well as the CS2N programming curriculum. Once all that is finished up, where can I go from there?

We do some research on these forums, and I have a good set of youtube videos that forum posters have shared with me, but I’m looking for a curriculum that will go beyond the beginning engineering concepts of what we can find at vexrobotics.com, something that will give some further experience with mechanisms of different types.

Any ideas?

I found it really helpful looking at past Worlds videos and figuring out how the best teams made their mechanisms; the pros and cons of them and how they could be put into ITZ


we teach younger students how to build mechanisms by creating examples with VeX IQ and Legos.

It gives them a physical thing to learn from, but isn’t handing them a design they can just slap on a robot.

In the Zone

I hope that helps

No, I would hope not :stuck_out_tongue:
He’s talking about past worlds videos.
Ie NBN, starstruck, Toss up, skyrise, etc. Granted you probably can’t find much past Toss up but o well.
But yeah, to his point, watching past videos of worlds champions or even competitors can be fun and help you learn some things in the process :slight_smile:

Edit: apparently I misunderstood his question… I thought he meant itz worlds…

No, sorry I didnt phrase that right. I looked at worlds vids from Skyrise and starstruck for inspiration in order to put it into In the Zone (ITZ)

If you want to see some robots that would be good for ITZ, I would recommend watching the reveal videos on youtube from some of the higher-tier teams. Look at what strategies/mechanisms they use and compare them with some of your own designs to make the optimal robot.